Property Management and Space Marketing.

Property Management and Space Marketing.

Property management, Estate Agency in modern real estate business is a highly technical specialty which entails entrusting one’s property to a professional qualified firm or person whom then runs it for the property management and estate agency in general are still in their infancy stage in Tanzania. The reason is that during the socialist era, the practice was regarded capitalistic and henceforth frown upon. Most of the big Most of the big estate was either acquired or developed by the government through its parasitical arm and was managed by in- house staff.

Following the socio- political and economic changed that are taking place in Tanzania; we have already started to witness real estate transactions in the Industry. Many big and complicated commercial and residential properties are coming up and this sends red signals that the property market monopoly which many developers like NIC, PPF, NSSF, etc used to enjoy is going to end in the near future.

This calls for a need of a highly skills property management team to penetrate the market with leasing promotion campaign. Together with promotional techniques, the team must process high skills in space marketing and negotiations, interpreting market forces, interpreting laws governing land and building, drawing up lease agreements, accounting, and record keeping and reporting.

The partners (who are the directors) and associates of M & R limited are highly skilled and have vast experience in the field of Land management Valuation Estate Agency and Marketing. Areas where M & R Limited can offer its specialized service in property management inched the following;

Space Marketing:
Market space and select desirable tenants at the best rate obtained in the market.

Tenant Management:
Look for buyers/sellers of property
Take physical care of the property to the satisfaction of both landlord and tenant.

Leasing Management:
Draw up lease agreements, and assets tenants during the lease/ occupation of the permissions ensure that optimum tenant’s mix of a given portfolio is attained. Demand and collect rent, carry out. Valuation for rent reviews.

Investment Maintenance;
Maintain income in the property in accordance with the instructions of the landlord ad render periodic report. Property developers/ owners who entrust their estates to M & R AGENCY Ltd are assured of first-class services from our highly skilled and motivated personnel.